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Pro-active monitoring of computers

We are offering a different approach to computer support - we do not wait till the problem appears. We perform pro-active round-the-clock monitoring of your computer. We are running the following checks:

  • status of antivirus updates
  • free space on your drives and their changes
  • physical disk health
  • hacker check
  • status of software patches
  • and more (read more about checks and why it is important to monitor them under Description of checks)

We will deliver a short email report to you showing that the service has been performed and what the results are. It is your choice whether you would like your report delivered daily or weekly.

You can choose from two service packages (more under Price)

We are also offerenig a free one month trial using the Try Before You Buy Program. If you are interested, please let us know.

What are the costs of our services?